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Why BioField Tuning?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Connecting the dots between vibration and health

Everything we do has a vibration. Our cells transmit and receive signals at a vibratory rate. Our heartrate has a "signal." Our digestion and musculature have "tone," or they lack tone. Even the fascia- micro-muscles that hold together our muscles and tendons along virtually every part of the body just under the skin - they also have tone, or lack tone.

We are just putting our toes in the scientific waters to grasp the impact of sound upon health; but we know that pure tones are nourishing to the system, and unpleasant, chronic or loud noise is associated with greater health risks.

So if we had ears to hear it, we would know that our bodies are not just instruments, they are more like orchestras, and either they are in tune, or out of tune. Whether we understand it fully or not, our body is a collection of inter-related organs featuring high or low-quality sound waves, which are expressions of their state of health. Illness, trauma, chronic, long-term stress, and poor environmental conditions tend to reduce the vibrance of our capacities, while the arts, physical exercise, loving contact and the sense of being appreciated enhances tone.

Biofield Tuning: The Magic of Vibration

Biofield Tuning is a methodology using the precision of tuning forks and the sensitivity of the practitioner to both identify, and re-qualify, the energies of our human biofield. What, you ask, is a biofield? In street parlance, this is the aura, or radiant energy surrounding the body. Most importantly, this information field contains our personal histories, and information clusters that represent either stored energy in the form of traumatic events, or tangled energy where we have complex coping styles that may originate in childhood or beyond. Our "field," then, is a subtle matrix of thoughts, feelings, memories and choices that in turn create the quality of our health. A lack of complexes and traumas naturally creates better health; while entanglements provide mysterious barriers to health, wealth, or both. We wrestle with unseen walls, or demons, or fears, that are actually just echoes of another time, waiting to be honored and released.

The work with tuning forks relies upon particular vibrations to both identify "sticky spots" in the field (which represent clusters of entangled or compressed energy) and to "change their state," which is a vibrational way of saying something like turning ice into water: they are the same thing, at different vibratory rates. "Melting" these pockets of stuck energy removes barriers to success and healing, and restores trapped energy to its rightful owner, YOU.

Self-Care and Naming the New

As we delve more deeply into the nature of Biofield Tuning, related lessons emerge: that everything we choose in life has a vibration: our food, our packaging, our fuels, our expenditures, our words, thoughts and desires, these all have a particular quality to them.

Masaro Emoto, the late scientific from Japan, spent over thirty years researching the way water is affected by different words or intentions. He found that in the presence of loving and kind-hearted intentions, the frozen water droplets create beautiful, symmetrical crystalline features; while droplets exposed to negative attitudes and words created bent, compressed, or distorted forms, even though both came from the same original water source.

Much like Emoto's positive findings, pure tones emitted by tuning forks have a way of reducing mental chatter, enhancing the sense of well-being, and even supporting the resolution of psychological complexes. Affirmations, in a similar fashion, support the building of new states of being and new ways of relating. So I would gently invite you to consider, what is your vibe? What are you expressing, consciously and unconsciously? What is your goal for healing?

One important factor to bear in mind is that vibrational healing isn't just "embracing the positive," or we would all just affirm our way to heaven. This is a bit extreme, as we all know that the body has a conscious and subconscious aspect, whose signals aren't necessarily recognized by us. So it takes time, commitment and patient courage to cultivate what is actually happening inside. For those with the courage and commitment to put their sacred Self first, vibrational healing can elevate everyday life into a continuous adventure of love and opening to greater streams of light.

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